The Best Little Fair in Ontario

Acton Fall Fair Photos (text to follow)

I missed the name of this bird, but her head plumes reminded me of a hat that Elizabeth Taylor wore.
The stunning plumage on several of the chickens could inspire fashion designers.

Every fair has its midway yet here I saw rides I have not seen before.

"Jumbo" is more my style.

And, of course, a fall fair is not complete without candy floss. Vendors don't seem to whip it up on paper cones anymore but I bet this little guy will have his face and hands just as covered in sticky sugar as I did when I was his age.


John said...

I bet that turkey is keeping an eye on the calendar...

How many 'chopping' days to Christmas ??


Anonymous said...

ah my mom would love to go to this fair, she often bemoans the fact that we do not have the true fair anymore, just the midway.
Great to see the Travel Tues revisited. so what is the history of this little fair?

Anonymous said...

the plumed reptile - a wonderous creature of evolution and survival

So good to travel with you again!

The word today is - believe it or not - 'fookout'

Katie Schroeter said...

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